Internship USA

Are you a graduate? Do you want to visit USA and in the same time to gain experience in an American company?
We offer you the chance to train in an American company by two programs: Internship (graduate for less than 12 months) and Professional Career Training (no matter the year of graduation).

Educational or professional training must be in the same field of activity as of the companies in USA.
Participants to both programs have two options:

Independent - Independent Placement Service

This option is for those who can find job in a company in USA on their own. After the acceptance in the program of the applicant, ZIP partners from America will confirm the position of the training and will verify the training plan to make sure it is in accordance with the regulations of the Department of States of America.

Premium - Premium Matching Placement Service

This option is for the ones who want the ZIP partners to find them a job in an American company.
ZIP partners from America have contacts with companies in different fields that want to receive young people willing to improve their knowledge in their field of studies.
For job offers available now, contact ZIP TRAVEL!
As soon as the applicant is registered in the program, our partners will schedule a telephonic interview between the participant and a representative of the American company in order to give them the opportunity to know each other.
Program is available during the whole year; there is no dead-line for registration.

Eligibility requirements for Internship

• Graduate for less than 12 months
• Internship must be in the same field as the studies
• Fluent English
• Proof of strong connections to the home country

Eligibility requirements for Career Training in SUA

• age between 20 and 30 years
• Graduate of a Faculty, no matter the year of graduation
• Internship can be in the same field as the studies or in any other field in which the participant has at least 2 years of experience
• Fluent English
Necessary documents
• Registration form
• A copy of ID (BI/CI)
• A copy of passport
• CV
• 1 photo type BI/CI
• proof/ grades record/ diploma from the faculty (depending on the case), translated and legalized
*) Both programs are for a period between 2 and 18 months, the price is in accordance with the length of the program.

Program “Career training” includes:

• Processing the documents for obtaining the Visa
• DS2019 form mandatory for applying for the Visa
• Medical insurance
• Counseling - Orientation Tour
• Participant Guide
• Counseling and support during the entire program
Costs that are not included:
• Transport (airplane, Greyhound, train etc)
• Visa application fee ($131)
• SEVIS fee ($180)
• Pocket money